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I was living off campus at Temple, my roommates and I were struggling to pay $2000 a month for rent, and I thought to myself, "This landlord has to be making good money off of this". Turns out, he was, and he wasn't doing much but collecting rent. I wanted to make that my reality

Soon enough I found myself as a college student, telling my mother that there was tons of opportunity around Temple University. So, I took her around campus and there it was, all of the opportunity you could imagine. We ended up purchasing a property for just $27,000

Now that I was stuck with this property, I needed a mentor. I reached out to our landlord and he was willing to teach me how to market and rent other units. After acquiring that knowledge and experience, I wanted to take the next step. 

My next mentor was building new construction all around Temple University. After chasing him down on campus, I finally got a meeting with him. I told him I throw a ton of parties, I have connections, and I was confident I could rent his properties. Eventually, I did...I rented out all of his units. I provided him with a TON of value. Now it was time to learn New Construction. 

As the construction manager on 3 properties for my second mentor, I didn't make a single dollar, but I received a lifetime of experience. I took that experience and I flipped that $27,000 property for a small profit and began renting it for $2000 a month. The rest is history. Eventually I was able to use all of the knowledge and experience I gained over the years, to acquire $30 MILLION before the age of 30.

My mission now, is to provide you with all of the information you need, to do the same.